Bri + Aubrey

We absolutely loved everything about our time and experience with Brooke! From the beginning in planning she was so communicative, listened to us so well and helped us get everything figured with ease! Then the photos... ya'll she is literally amazing!! Both our engagement and wedding day photos were far more beautiful and sweet than we could have asked for! Brooke has such a gift and a true passion to genuinely and joyfully enjoy your shoot or special day alongside with you which makes her so so special!


Brooke was such a joy to work with! She was so professional, well prepared, and brought such a calming presence to our special day! I was amazed how quickly we got back our engagements and wedding photos! We highly recommend Brooke, she is the best!

Hannah + Case

Brooke made us feel so comfortable & beautiful. Everything we did felt like the best photo ever was just taken. I loved how sweet she was toward us in cueing us when to change poses. We were very happy with all of the photos. They were exceptional, better than we could have ever thought!

Ashley + Zach


Kate + Daniel

Brooke's previous work is what drew me to her. I love the warm tones and playful shots that she captures. She 100% exceeded all of our expectations for our engagement shoot, the pictures are absolutely beautiful and I want them framed all over my house! She was kind, respectful, understanding, and knowledgeable about her work. She had so many great pose ideas and was able to easily instruct us into them. We were able to capture the different adventurous photos that I liked as well as the posed ones.